Woman strangled to death by an 8-foot reticulated python in Indiana

A 36-year old woman name Laura Hurst found dead in Indiana with a 2.4-meter-long 8-foot python rolled around her neck. Police discovered her in a house that has at least 140 snakes and it was reported that she was the owner of 20 of them and she visited house about twice weekly. She was found passed out on the floor of the house.

Benton county dispatch in Indiana got a 911 call after Laura was discovered dead in the house full of snakes. A person who discovers her try to remove the python from her neck, but she was dead.

Records of the property show that the owner of the house in Benton county sheriff Don Munson who lives near the house. He was the one who discovered Laura. He said that her demise is a heartbreaking accident. He said that he has fully co-operated in this case.

The snake was a reticulated python and belong to Southeast Asia and is the lengthiest snake in the world. Caged pythons tend to be less violent than their wild species. One study found that at least 16 people in the U.S. have been killed by them between 1978 & 2009. Their own size alone can prove challenging for many owners. Reticulated pythons can weigh up to 350 pounds and grow upwards of 20 feet long.

Indiana cops said that there is no one who lives in the house & the house is built for the purpose of captivating snakes. Police said that it seems that the demise of Laura is because of the snake but the authorized statement will be issued after a post-mortem report.