Woman misbehaves with a traffic policeman criticized by Twitter users

In DHA Karachi, a traffic police officer pulled over a woman for violating the signals, when the woman got pulled over she misbehaved with the police officer.

On Wednesday, on behalf of the sub-inspector Nawaz Siyal, an FIR was filed against the woman at the Darakshan police station.

A video of the women went viral on the internet in the last 24 hours which caused quite a stir. In the video recorded by the traffic policeman, the woman is seen behaving rudely and using uncivilized language with the policeman. She even threatened the cop for stopping her for violating the signal.

The woman is reported to be driving without a driving license when the police officer told her that she will be be held accountable and she was liable to be fined. The woman replied with “I will break your face”.

The officer can be seen saying that you have just broken the law and now you are even cursing me. This car won’t move from here.

The woman kept responding to the police officer rudely by saying ” know your place” and ” Why won’t the car move” she even said bluntly in the video ” license is at home”.

The police officer said that she needs to pay fine but instead she kept on belittling him by treating him rudely and saying ” all you people do is beg”.

The video of the woman spread like wildfire on the internet it caught the license plate of the car. The video caused a social media uproar, where users on twitter are asking for legal actions to be taken against the woman.