Home World Woman Leaves Sweet Note as Firefighters Come to Her Rescue

Woman Leaves Sweet Note as Firefighters Come to Her Rescue

Amidst fires in New South Wales, a woman is known by the name Rachel left a heartwarming note for the firefighters who arrived at the scene to tackle the situation. The note included instructions for the crew and read, “Back door to the house is open. Help yourself to food and drinks in the fridge”. She also wished for them to save her house as much as they can as she holds it dear and is very important to her.

At the end of the note, she expressed her gratitude and told them that what they were doing was very heroic and praiseworthy.

The woman and her family were not present as they had to leave immediately and seek refuge from the dangerous blaze that had begun to engulf her home.

These roaring fires have destroyed more than 150 houses and 3 people have died since Friday and firefighter are working in the severe winter day and night to fulfill their duties.

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