WAF appeals that Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UN must be removed

Women Action Forum has reported an appeal against the selection of Munir Akram as an Ambassador to the UN. Mr. Akram was chosen as ambassador in Sep, after Dr. Maliha Lodhi, soon after PM Imran’s drive at UNGA. The solicitors have regarded this endorsement as an illicit, criminal and undemocratic act. The lawsuit states that Munir Akram’s appointment defies the Civil Servants Act of 73. The act sustains that a civil service officer once ending his tenure cannot be reappointed unless in an exceptional state.

The petitioners maintain that the constitution neither excuses the government from fulfilling laws, rules, and regulations of the state, nor it allows deviation from legitimate obligations. If govt. does anything on the basis of “public interest”, then it is mandatory to unveil solid reasons behind taking out that action.

In the requisition, the WAF demonstrated an indictment of violating domestic laws against Mr. Munir and demands the authoritative bodies to look upon the image it will portray around the globe, and also reexamine the conduct that administrative agents manifest.

Currently, in a situation when associations for Women are emphasizing on the concept of “Believe in women”, in such situations, presenting a picture to the world that does not promise justice to women, and not considering the complications of violation appeals, it would absolutely be a bad manifestation of Pakistan’s image.

The suitors argue that the court must state this reelection as illegitimate and refrain Akram from his obligations as Pakistan’s emissary.