Valentine Monnier was allegedly raped by Director Roman Polanski in 1975

Renowned Oscar Winner Roman Polanski has been accused of savagely raping Valentine Monnier in 1975 at the age of 18. Raising her voice against the famed director after nearly 44 years, the French actress claimed that she was brutally raped by Roman in a ski cabin Switzerland.

All these years she kept quiet because she was scared and afraid that her life would be in danger if she spoke the truth as Polanski would want to hide his atrocious crime hidden from the rest of the world. She was also asked to remain silent by others that surrounded her and those present at the time.

Now she finally decided to come out with the story of her traumatizing past. After witnessing the hypocrisy that the half French half Polish filmmaker was trying to portray in his recently released movie “I Accuse” Valentine added that it was extremely disgusting to see the man trying to cover up his crimes and defending himself, blaming others when he is the one the who should be blamed for his heinous actions.

Polanski who made acclaimed films like The Pianist and Oliver Twist is also an escaped convict who fled Paris after being sentenced to jail for raping a schoolgirl who was 13 years old in 1977.

He was found guilty and accepted to have drugged and abused a minor, forcefully engaging the child in unlawful sex. Since he has been running from the American justice system and is a fugitive of the law.

Recounting the tragic incident Monnier claimed that on the night of the attack, Polanski came barging into her room, beat her repeatedly, ripped her dress apart and forced himself upon her and because he was a man of strength and much weight got the upper hand in no time.

She cried, “I had just turned 18 and I was violently raped”. In a statement, Valentine said that she never met him or talked to him before and had no personal or professional connections.

Roman Polanski cannot be asked to stand trial and punished according to the French judicial system because of France’s 20-year statute of limitation law, therefore, no legal action of the sort can be taken against him. His lawyer has also responded by stating that Polanski will plead not guilty as he does not conform to the rape charges that face him.