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Twitter to turn Rabi Pirzada privacy breach into body shamming case

Recently Rabi Pirzada’s personal videos were leaked, at first many people shamed and trolled her and some people shared her videos for personal gains but then a new trend started over twitter in which people condemn the breach of her privacy.

Now in a sudden turn of events, twitter users have trended #IamRabiPirzada and started sharing their own body pictures thinking that this is the case of Body shaming.

The #saveasoul was trended so that Rabi’s privacy cannot be breached and people should stop sharing her personal videos without her consent but now twitter is a mess with people posting their body pictures thinking Rabi Pirzada was body shamed and standing up for her.

Some users are making fun of those who are posting their own pictures to show support saying that this whole thing was never about body shaming but about breaching someone’s privacy.

while some are making fun that they too are not afraid to show their body

and some are questioning that to support Rabi and what happened with her is it necessary to post one’s own picture

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