Superstar Mahira confesses about her childhood love

One of the top dramas and film actress from Pakistan, Mahira Khan who is considered a Megastar of Pakistani show business revealed her teenage love. She has a special place in the hearts of her fans just like she occupies a unique place in the entertainment business.

Mahira Khan is always the top choice of producers whether it be films, dramas or anything related to show business.

“Noori” from the Superstar is famous in her real life for her pleasant and candid nature. Earlier, in an interview, she confesses about her love for the Bollywood Superstar King Khan. She revealed that before doing Raees in the neighboring industry, the actress had been offered several films from across producers. But she had been consistently refusing the offers, as opposed to Raees.

She says that doing Raees was a must because it was Shah Rukh Khan, the love of her life since her teenage. She says she could never refuse to SRK.

The actress also revealed that while she was refusing the across-border offers, SRK was heard saying “what has happened to her? Why is she rejecting all the films?”

The actress made a confession that in her teenage, she used to write letters to the Bollywood star SRK, by getting the address from an Indian magazine.