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#StoprapesInKashmir: India is using rape as a weapon against women in Kashmir

On August 5, the Indian government revoked the special status of Indian occupied Kashmir and moved the military forces in occupied Kashmir. Indian forces completely locked down the valley, imposed a curfew, shutdown telecommunications and internet, and arrested political leaders. Its been curfew for 109 days in Kashmir. Indian Military forces involved in heinous acts in IOK. Everyone in Kashmir is being immensely subjugated. Women are the biggest victims of inhumane acts.

Indian forces started raping Kashmiri women. 9 women including an 11-year-old girl and a 60-year-old woman were gang-raped by Indian soldiers during an operation in the village of Kashmir. 27 years ago an incident of Kunan-Poshpora happened in which 27 women were raped by Indian forces and they are still seeking justice.

Dignity is one thing in which a Muslim woman feels more important than her life. When a woman gets raped & lost her dignity, she remains with nothing in her life. Kashmiri Women are getting raped daily in front of their children & brothers.

Kashmiri women are in a state of fear, tension, and uncertainty. They don’t know what happened in their lives in the next moment. 70% of mothers in Kashmir lost at least one child. Women are raped, abused and tortured in different areas of Kashmir but international media is quiet. Women of Kashmir are exoticized and objectified on a daily basis.

In IOK women are unaware of their husband’s whereabouts, they do not only endure the grief that comes from being separated from their spouse but they also constantly struggling to survive. Their husbands either still alive in custody of Indian forces or dead at their hand have not been declared deceased, hence they are like half-widows.  Modi government use rape as a weapon against innocent women of Kashmir.

The world, UN, Humanitarian agencies, Muslim Ummah, Leaders are watching like a spectacle. But Kashmir isn’t just a test of Kashmiris, It’s a test of our insensitive attitude & silent behavior.

A former general of the Indian Army Major General SP Sinha’s statement caused an uproar on social media after he angrily called for the rape and killing of women in Kashmir by security forces. He urges the rape of Muslim women in Kashmir on live TV. He said on live TV that ‘death for death and rape for rape.’

UN should take notice of severe human rights violations going on in Indian occupied Kashmir by Indian State terrorism.

UN and the international community have turned their back from Kashmir because raping a Muslim woman is not a crime but it happens in the war area and it’s normal. Think about what we are doing for the women of Kashmir. We are busy in our own lives and enjoying with our own family. We have no idea what pain they are enduring every day in Kashmir. Muslim communities are busy with their own trade agreement and sisters of Kashmir are crying for help.

Women of Kashmir are waiting for justice. The world must stop India in promoting rape culture in IOK.

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