Severe Windstorm in the UK killed a lady

An aged lady in her 60’s, died during a severe windstorm and heavy rainfall in the UK. Her car got crashed down by a tree that fell because of the storm. The lady was driving in the grasslands, around the country in Dorset, United Kingdom, on 2nd November, when forceful winds during the storm hit her and she was killed on the spot. The weather updates had been released that cautioned the citizens around 4 a.m. to 6 p.m. This car crash took place after 8 am in the morning.

Dorset Police was called at the situation at 8:41 on Saturday morning. It was reported to the police that the car crashed because of a tree that had fallen over the car. As the disaster amenities reached the spot, the road was closed for the traffic.

Police have also kept a prisoner who is injured and is yet not named by the police. The lady’s body is kept for the post mortem, and the report from post mortem will reveal the actual story whether it was an accident or a murder.

The severe climate circumstances continued during the day afterward. The intensity of gusts reached up to 60 mph and 80 mph.

Traveling services has been canceled or postponed in Dover due to the severe windstorms in the area. Sailing operations are also deferred because of high water. The weather updates warn that there is a probability of damages to trees and houses in the southeast. Several roads will also remain closed for traffic. There are also reports of power failures. Dorset is particularly warned for damages from trees.

Rainfall on 2nd Nov was measured to be half a month’s rainfall in a single day. This whole weekend in London is expected to be devastating. People are advised to go through weather updates before going out. Almost 8 red alerts are released for southern coastal areas of the UK.