Royal princess surprised the people by traveling through the local train
(Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

The Royal Princess, Kate Middleton was seen last Friday traveling by train which surprised the passengers. 

The video was uploaded by the passengers in which princess Kate was seen wearing a magenta dress with black tights and heels, the same suit she wore last time in January at the royal opera house. In the video, she was leaving the station along with her guards.

The three hours of journey in train took her to her destination which was East Anglia country Northeast of London where she was going to attend the event at Children’s hospice.

At the event, she was given the tour of Nook’s new facilities where she recalled her first-ever royal speech, which she gave in 2012, and said she would remember that her whole life.

On Friday she said in her speech referring to the crowd that at the opening of the treehouse hospice many years ago I referred to your hospices as being home. This visit today has only reinforced for me just what is at the heart of what you do here, throughout your work, and that is family.