Rai Pirzada released her detailed video after her leaked video went viral

Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada decided to quit showbiz after her leaked video went viral on the internet and after that, she engaged herself in religious activities. Recently she addresses the issue of her leaked video and gives her statement in a video released on Thursday.

This is the first detailed video of her after the controversary of her leaked videos. In the video, she wears a black dress with a black scarf on her head.

In the video, she said: “For so many days in silence, I was looking for answers. Deep down I was complaining to Allah. There is someone who told me that when the time of sorrow descends upon a man there are only two reasons for that either Allah punishes you or it’s a trial. I enquired how will I come to know that it’s a punishment or a trial. He said that after this if I remained confined in the swamp of sins then it’s a punishment but if I connect with Allah and follow his path then it’s a trial.”

She further said: “Whatever I made it was private. It’s between me and my Allah. I am guilty of Allah. He knows the state of heart’ he understands the price of my tears.” She then read the Quranic verses.

She said: “Believe me Allah forgive all sins. Indeed he is the most merciful and kind. Rabi said when my data was leaked it went viral like wildfire. So many people offered me jobs, tv commercials, films, TV programs, and concerts. Like I always said the kind of response we always get on the negative viral content. Many women offered me support. We will protest for you. No one will dare to talk against you.” Rabi requests everyone to pray for her.

“Some people said to her that it was a punishment for speaking against Modi or PM Imran. But I realize that even after I run away from the world, I cannot run away from my Lord. That is when I realized that whenever a woman is dragged into the public debate, so many things go wrong,” she said.

“Harsh comments made by some of you may discourage many people from following the right path,” she added.