Home Entertainment Rabi Pirzada bid farewell to showbiz after her leaked video

Rabi Pirzada bid farewell to showbiz after her leaked video

Rabi Pirzada decided to say goodbye to showbiz after the controversy against her. She made this decision after her compromising videos and images leaked on the internet and people start criticizing her.

She shared a post on twitter and said: “I, Rabi Pirzada, have decided to distance myself from the showbiz industry. May Allah forgive my sins and soften others’ hearts towards me.”

Last week her personal videos leaked on the internet after that netizen criticize her and some people spoke in favor of her.

#RabiPirzada was the top trend on twitter in the last few days. She also filed a complaint against the one who breaches her privacy in FIA.

Aurat Haq, a Karachi-based activist group also released a statement condemning the violation of privacy, as well as the abuse of trust in an intimate relationship. They released a statement: “We condemn the weaponizing of a woman’s body against her for revenge porn. While we’re on the subject let’s deconstruct why we shame women for their expression of sexuality.”

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