Poorna Bell a weightlifter of south Asia became an example for all women

Poorna Bell is a sportswoman having South Asian Background. The lady is 38 years old and performs very masculine tasks that involve lifting heavy weights like squats, bench, and deadlift, heavier up to a point that one can handle at most. She says, last week her father asked her, “for how long you’ll continue doing this?”  she told that she answered, “until death, or until an injury that makes me unable to lift again.”

Ms. Poorna revealed that her parents had been very supportive of her choice for making herself fit, as her father had also been a weightlifter and an ardent cyclist. But they also considered what she was going to pursue as a complete manly and an unsafe sport for women like her.

The parents do feel proud of the achievements of her daughter, but they also have some apprehensions about how a girl can handle a 100 KG or a 125 KG weight without getting her back shattered into two halves. Poorna says that her body has completely changed over time, by the change she means that she has gained muscles and lost a feminine physique.

Being from a South Asian background makes it difficult for a female to pursue such a career. But Poorna believes that it is necessary also to break the stereotypes that are being depicted by the western media in portraying Asian women.

Poorna describes that as she heard about the news of an Indian female Aishwarya Pissay, winning the world title in motorsports, and she is just 24 years old, Poorna got more inspired.

The sportswoman says that as a female, you have to deal with certain conservative minds that keep on emphasizing that you can’t do, and in such circumstances, it is a much bigger challenge that you need to overcome besides focusing on your goals. Pissay, the girl winning the title in motorsports says that when she decided to bring herself in racing, she had to face a lot of interrogation about whether she found it normal or usual. But she was motivated by her determination to prove people wrong.

Another example of positive motivation leading to success is 23 years old kerenjeet Kaur, under 63KG champion in commonwealth games. Poorna told that she always gets inspired by such south Asian females who struggle to rise above every odd they face. But if they get support and appreciation over their success, then despite these odds, more and more females from our community can come up and become a source of pride for the nation.