PCB announced to partner with UBER for developing cricket skills in girls

PCB has taken a new initiative for the girl’s development in a cricket field in-country by partnering with Uber. In a conference, they announced this news that they have partnered with Uber for 6 months to benefit around 1500 players by associating with different schools in fourteen cities of Pakistan.

In this program, the female coaches and mentors are selected because the main purpose and goal for this program is to give opportunities to girls in the field of sports and empower them by telling them stories of empowered and strong women from around the globe.

850 students will be provided with the costume for training and playing. On the other hand, 50 schools will be given cricket material.

The students will be given regular evening practices for the purpose of developing their skills in cricket.

Wasim Khan the Chief Executive of PCB said, it is important that cricket skill is developed at the school level for the promotion of girls in a cricket field. He also thanked Uber for its trust in PCB for their new initiative and they are looking forward and are hopeful that by this partnership with them they are going to achieve their goal.