Pakistan’s Leading Tick Tock Star Jannat Mirza Rises to Fame

The social video making app Tick Tock has turned Jannat Mirza into a star with approximately 3.2 million followers and 29 and a half million likes on her videos which just goes to show how popular the 20-year-old has become within 2 years.

The young lady who comes from the city of Faisalabad has been modeling as well as studying at Arts College and has now moved to Japan to pursue further education. She has made about 224 videos online and has received close to 1 million likes on each of her videos. Her popularity speaks volumes as she has not only become famous in Pakistan but is also being noticed in

Japan and leading Japanese advertising companies have offered her to work for them. Jannat says that her parents have always been very supportive of her and wish for her to make a career for herself in journalism.

Jannat also added that she is very passionate about Tick Tock and it makes her happy. She feels honored and privileged to have so many fans and followers but also believes that education is extremely important and is focused on completing her education. She wants to finish her education and take guidance from her parents so she can make smarter and wiser decisions in regards to her future.