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NUST university female graduate becomes the first google developer in machine learning

A female graduate from the National University of science and technology (NUST) breaks the stereotype by setting the new record. She achieves the title of the first female google developer. She is an expert in machine learning. She is currently working as artificial intelligence (AI) developer with a software organization named Red Buffer.

‘Machine learning’ is an application of AI that provides a system with the ability to automatically learn and improve from the experience without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning mainly focuses on the development of computer logical programs that can access any data and use it to learn for themselves.

Aqsa has done her Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from NUST. She is a recognizable student at such a young age because of her hard work and contribution to the field of machine learning. Her CGPA is 3.79. She achieves various awards because of her active participation in various workshops like Google DevFest 2018 and Google cloud Next Extended 2019. During her spare time, she writes a blog for an online publishing platform.

She said: “I believe more females should avail of this opportunity by adopting this field. This filed not only help them in personal growth but also important for Pakistan as well.”

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