Netizens condemning the breach of Rabi Pirzada's privacy

Netizens have started criticizing the leaked video of Rabi Pirzada highly. A social media uproar has been caused and twitter users are speaking in favor of Rabi Pirzada that her privacy should not be breached and others should already stop spreading her private videos.

On Friday #Rabipirzada was trending on twitter and most of the bloggers breached her privacy and shared the videos, some people even made memes regarding her videos.

“ We should respect her, We should stand with her, she is a daughter, She is a sister,” said a user twitter. Rabi Pirzada herself tweeted ” the one who breaches someone privacy in this world, Allah ( SWT) will breach his privacy on the day of judgment”

Twitter users are speaking in favor of Rabi Pirzada saying that we condemn the breaching of a person’s private information. They think that spreading her leaked videos should be urgently stopped and we as a nation should try to protect her privacy regardless of whatever she did.

Twitter users are further of the thought that whatever we are doing today might be faced by us tomorrow. We should not breach her privacy as she is someone daughter and we should respect her

“Spreading immortality is an equal sin as to doing it. We as a nation have reached the deepest gorges of immortality. Even if you haven’t seen the video but What and Why is this sick behavior to spread it???? we’re a Muslim and as a Muslim, we have to hide others sins” said another user

” I request to the Pakistani people that please do not share the video & photos of Rabi Pirzada with anyone, she is also someone’s daughter & sister. It was a personal video, which shouldn’t share on social media, yes it would be wrong if she had done it for fame.”