Namrita autopsy reports revealed she was sexually assaulted

Namrita Chandani was a Bibi Aseefa dental college student. She was found dead in her hostel room in Larkana. Her autopsy revealed that she was strangled to death and sexually assaulted before that.

The girl was found dead on the 16th of September. she was in her hostel room lying on a charpoy with her neck tied with a dupatta. her room was locked from the inside.

One of her friends discovered her after knocking at her door for several minutes when Namrita did not responded her peeked into the room somehow. She told the police that ” she was not responding to the knocking door nor to or shouts”.

later the door of the room was broken by the hostel’s watchman just to find Namrita dead. her body was then shifted to the district headquarters for postmortem.

The Federal Investigation Agency previously shared aa two-page reports in which Namrita was in constant contact with Mehran Abro a fellow student who is arrested but nothing was established beyond that.

Dr.Amrita issued the post mortem report after 50 days of the murder, the report states that semen of a man has been found on the deceased student.