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Mother murdered her two Teenage Sons

Tristan and Blake Barass 13 and 14 years of age respectively were violently killed by their mother Sarah Barrass along with the aid of another family member Brandon Machin. Barrass first tried poisoning them but when that didn’t work she strangled her sons with her own hands in an attempt to murder them. She had been plotting and planning to kill her other 4 children too. Authorities and police were quickly dispatched and arrived at the scene of the crime and arrested both Barass and Machin.

Brother of Sarah, Martyn Barass claimed that social services were informed of her vicious actions several times and warned them that boys were in danger but they took little notice of her cruel ways. The boys might have not lost their lives if social services had responded after being asked for help 3 times and acted responsibly by taking action on time.

He further said that both perpetrators were evil-minded since the beginning and have had displayed psychopathic tendencies on multiple occasions. Brandon was physically violent with the children even when they were little and Sarah posted savage comments on her Facebook believing “Murder is like potato chips and one cannot stop at just one”.

They also revealed in watching horror movies and especially enjoyed violent and mad characters. They acted aggressively and took pleasure in torturing the mice they had been keeping at home.

The boys were rushed to the hospital but despite receiving medical attention died with a gap of about 12 minutes. The pair accepted their heinous crimes in court and the judge on the case responded by saying that it is highly likely they will have to spend the rest of their days in prison. Standing trial the party will be punished accordingly to the law and will receive their final sentence on 12th November.

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