Home Politics Merkel Points Out Devastating Situation of Kashmir in Talks with PM Modi

Merkel Points Out Devastating Situation of Kashmir in Talks with PM Modi

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel has pointed out that Indian Occupied Kashmir is suffering in the name of the government’s harsh policies that have been placed in order to restore peace and stability in the grief-stricken and blood spilled valleys of the land. People have been brutally massacred and killed stealing their right to live with honor and dignity.

In a recent visit to India where she meets with PM Narender Modi and discussed many global issues and developmental plans, she also voiced her opinion regarding the problems in Kashmir. She said that the situation in Kashmir is very bad and not acceptable at any cost.

She stated that the world will no longer stand watch to see the people being mistreated. She further added that the region cannot be held hostage under a lockdown situation forever and such atrocities which are a violation of human rights must come to an end.

Starting from the 31st of October Merkel will stay in India for three days.


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