Madonna being sued by a fan for showing up tardily at concerts

It is not the first time that the American Superstar Madonna has shown that late over her own evening show. The lady often keeps her fans waiting for hours before she starts the concerts. But this time, her mega show to be shown at Miami on December 17, has costed her badly.

A citizen from Florida purchased three tickets to attend the Star singer’s concert that is planned to start around 8:30 in the evening. The man states that the tickets had cost him 1024 Dollars. And now he hears that due to some accommodation issues, the timings of the show have altered a little. The new modified start time for the show is 10:30.

The man has reported that he tried to sell the tickets again as the timing was not feasible for him. For the star, it wouldn’t make a difference to get the timings a few hours delayed. But for her fans, it does make a difference as most of the citizens work or are students, who cannot attend concerts ending late until 1 in the morning.

The lawsuit states that altering the timings, made most of the ticket holders suffer a great loss, thus it became quite impossible for them to resell and get their money back.

In such circumstances, when all of the fans were angry and agitated, one of them took it to another level and sued the lady being responsible for all this chaos.

As the suit states that it is not the first time that she appeared late, she does this quite often. And when she shows up, the audiences often claim for the refunds. Once she tried to apologize to her fans because of being late, by saying that she just wants the show to be a perfect one for her fans because they deserve it to be a good one. But her apology and the statement she made did no good and made fans more furious, as there was nothing special or nothing mesmerizing in her entry to the show, that could justify the guilt of being late.