Home Entertainment Lena Dunham confesses on social media of dealing with Ehlers-Danlos Disorder

Lena Dunham confesses on social media of dealing with Ehlers-Danlos Disorder

Lena Dunham, an American artist, Playwriter, Director and Producer is known for the creation of TV Serial “Girls” for which she was awarded several times. Dunham’s post goes viral on Instagram as she shares about having Ehlers-Danlos. The lady discloses to the world that she has been dealing with that syndrome, which has affected her joints and skin.

Ehlers Syndrome is a Connective tissue disorder that affects skin, bones, and even blood and blood vessels. Its indications include complaints ranging from loose joints to life-endangering complexities.

Recently a photograph of Lena walking with a cane was publicized on social media. In response to that, the lady came up with a confession of suffering from a chronic illness.  The Girls’ Star demonstrates that while suffering from such a disease, she not only needs her friends to support her, she needs more than that. For that, she is thankful to the cane. “I could lie and say it’s an early Halloween look”, the lady tried to pitch in a joke.

Lena, 33 has previously shared about health issues she was dealing with, that included hysterectomy, psychological issues, endometrioses, and obesity. So, for her, the syndrome was not new. She revealed that it has been years that she was avoiding using anything to make herself comfortable because she thought that a cane would make the situation worst. But she realized later that being able to walk around and participate is better than being on a bed all the time.

In a period of one month, Lena is the 2nd one celebrity to disclose having Ehlers Syndrome. Earlier, the actress from “The Good Place” also revealed of suffering from the disorder. Sia, a singer also shared she has a neurological illness.

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