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Laser Hair Removal Treatment Leaves Woman with Fatal Burn Scars

22-year-old graduate Myah Jagjivan went in for a patch test laser hair removal treatment on her legs but came out with scarring results that left bad burn marks on her skin. She felt her skin swollen and blistered and decided to go to a hospital to seek medical aid. After a thorough examination by the doctors, she was told she was suffering from 2nd-degree burns and needed to be treated and bandaged immediately.

Miss Jagjivan said that she was a regular customer and frequently visited the “Taylor&Taylor Nails and Beauty” saloon and was well acquainted with the owner Carmen Singleton and knew her “well”. She also said that she was informed about the procedure by Miss Singleton and was offered 5 rounds of treatment for £500 which sounded too good to be true.

She claimed that during the hair removal treatment instead of feeling a prick she felt immense pain and an unpleasant ache in her leg resulting in 8 huge black burn marks for which she had to also skip a whole month of her last year at university.

Before the incident, Myah was very bright and bubbly. She loved wearing knee-length dresses and hanging out with friends but now she has lost her confidence and rarely puts on clothes that expose her legs and experiences negative emotions and bad moods more often than she used to.

She also wants people to learn from her story, gather more knowledge, do their own research and become more aware of the consequences of laser hair removal treatment before making up your mind to undergo one.

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