Kate Middleton Caught Laughing with Prince William
(Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

In a recent photograph, Kate Middleton was seen sharing a laugh with her husband Prince William. Both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were out to celebrate the launch of a text message app called “Shout” for people with mental health problems.

Both were seen to be more aware and attentive to each other at the event with the Duke lovingly caressing the Duchess’s back multiple times.

At the event, a small little incident made them both share a giggle and a little nod when Kate suddenly lost balance and tripped on her black high heels. With nothing to grab onto, she almost tumbled but was saved as she quickly held a car nearby.

A very nice and warm gesture came from Prince William when he was seen affectionately asking her if she was okay and after getting confirmation from the Kate both headed back to see to other affairs of the day.

 There are no set rules on Public Display of Affection but the royals are expected to act professionally with some level of sophistication and poise when carrying out their royal duties and engaging with the public.