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Ingebjørg Blindheim deemed as the lifeguard of Instagram

22-year-old Ingebjørg from Norway has been called the lifeguard of many Instagram users because of how she has been using her social media account to keep a check on those who want to kill themselves due to any mental instability and other health issues. She has been following 450 accounts most of them being of girls who have shared suicidal messages and posted thoughts about dying. She believes that it is her duty to reach out to those who need help and support.

Blindheim hailing from the city of Oslo is always very concerned about people who think that their only hope lies in ending their life. She feels it is not possible for her to look away and think that everything will turn out to be fine.

Ingebjørg is not an expert in mental healthcare and has not received any sort of formal training or learned any other relevant skills and neither does she get paid by the social networking site for doing so. She is simply doing it out of the good of her heart and because she feels a sense of responsibility. She feels obligated because she thinks that she may be their last hope and might be the only one who will answer their sorrows and lessen their despair.

She calls the police and ambulance in advance and ensures they are made aware of unforeseen events. She warns them especially about those people who are on edge and might try to harm themselves in the near future. Blindheim said that sleep doesn’t come to her easily and has had to spend several nights wide awake fearing that some will pass away if she closes her eyes and shows negligence.

She also added that sometimes authorities do not take her words seriously resulting in the loss of a life which could have been saved if they had just trusted her and given importance to what she said.

In the past, Blindheim suffered from an eating disorder and used social media to share her thoughts and is thus very well aware of the merits and demerits of belonging to such communities online. Having to personally endure the tragedy of losing a friend at the ripe age of 15 while receiving medical care at a hospital has traumatized Ingebjørg and would never wish for anyone to suffer or experience the kind pain she experienced at that time.

After the incident, she promised herself she wouldn’t let anyone die on her watch and would try her best to bring them back towards life and aid them in achieving everlasting happiness.

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