Thursday: The Local Hyderabad Police found a dead body near Shahdnagar town. The police stated that they have found a dead body of a female veteran who was raped and brutally murdered by a group of four men.

The police will reveal more about the case as adding more about the suspect’s statement, the four men intentionally punctured the victim’s Scotty tires. When the victim found about the damaged tires the four men offered for help.

They forcefully took her to a nearby area where they forced themselves on her, and she was abducted by these men. After rapping her brutally they wrapped the victim with her dupatta and brutally set her on fire.

The victim’s family informed the near police station about the situation. The victim’s sister told the police that she received a call near 9:45 pm when she told about her situation, the victim’s sister advised her to went back to the toll plaza and rent a cab for home but she was forced and threatened by the men so she could not resist upon taking their help.

The Student Federation India(SFI) is also raising their voice about the brutal murder of Priyanka Reddy:

SFI raising voice against brutal sexual assault attempted to murder