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Hindu sisters abducted and forced to convert religion in Sindh claims Hindu locals

Teenage Girls belonging from the Hindu locals of Sindh are compelled to change their religion, the Hindu locals claim. The parties blamed for doing these forcible conversions of girls state that that they are not doing anything beyond the will of those girls, but they are giving them shelter and protection.

Last year in the district of Ghotki in Sindh, two sisters Raveena and Reena celebrated Diwali before the eyes of their parents in their house and this year they weren’t in their home to enjoy the festivities of Diwali. The father claims that they were being Kidnapped on the occasion of Holi.

The father went to report to the Ghotki Police station along with several other men and women of his community when a video of the protest they did outside the Police Station went viral on social media. This issue reached the official representatives of the government of Pakistan. Bilawal Bhutto of PPP promised the family that all efforts will be made to get his daughters back. PM Imran Khan also took notice of the issue.

The information later came out that both the girls got married to Muslim boys with their consent. But Lal, the father and brother Shaman rejected to believe in that information and claim that the person behind all this story is Mian Mithu, who was a member of PPP earlier and is a Pir of a Shrine in Sindh. The Pir has been accused previously of the same blame for converting minor girls forcibly.

Now that he is again in the news, he tries to make himself clear by claiming that he is not behind all the violence, chaos and unrest created by the Hindu Community in Sindh. He also tried to clarify his point over the accusation on him of the conversion of Hindu girls. He explains that all those girls approach him out of their own consent to change their religion. What he does for them is support them and provides them shelter and he has been doing this for years.

Moving a few years back, there was Rinkle Kumari, now named Faryal Bibi, has completed the Quran, has performed Umrah and now imparts her learning to kids in a Madrassah. This story was narrated by Mian Mithu. He also narrated about another girl Kiran Kumari who herself admitted that she wasn’t kidnapped, she embraced Islam out of her own choice because she loved a Muslim boy and wanted to marry him, the Pir helped them in that.

But that wasn’t the end. There is Radha now, who told a contradicting story. She tells that she was being kidnapped by a man named Ali Nawaz, who raped her several times. And then forced her to say the same as Kiran and Rinkle demonstrated. In such a state of affairs, it is difficult to find whom to trust. But the Hindu community refuses to believe this.

The activists from Hindu Community claim that what the girls state, is not what actually happened to them. They are forced to give such statements. The protestors question that why this happens to the girls only that they find a need for conversion, why not Hindu boys feel the same.

They demand that this situation should not be neglected by the authorities and the government should take steps to control the incidents of alleged conversions of girls. Other Human rights associations are also speaking up against these incidents. But the biggest problem is that girls claim that they were converted wilfully, it is so rare that someone like Radha returns home and tells the other side of the story.

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