Home Entertainment Fiza Ali revealed Aamir Liaquat proposed her in front of his wife

Fiza Ali revealed Aamir Liaquat proposed her in front of his wife

Last year in November Aamir Liaquat Hussain married Tuba Aamir. A lot of controversies took birth because of Amir’s take on his first wife Bushra and his second marriage to Tuba.

however, it seems like Aamir Liaquat is once again ready for another marriage. Aamir Liaquat made an appearance to Fiza Ali’s talk show with his second wife Tuba and he proposed Fiza in front of his wife.

As the show started Fiza announced the couple to enter the stage and asked Tuba if she could stand along with Aamir, to which Aamir replied that “it could have been Fiza who would have been announced to enter the stage with me but she is a little late”.

In one of Fiza’s recent interviews, she revealed that she was proposed by Aamir earlier too. She said ” Aamir Sahab is a great person he is very jolly too, he doesn’t keep anything in his heart and he always says what he thinks”

She further said that ” when I got divorced Aamir proposed me in front of his wife in a good gesture, it was never like we used to meet or something but when I went to Karachi he directly proposed me when he got to know about my divorce”

Fiza continued ” that Aamir wanted to marry me in front of the world and he even asked me in a very nice manner in front of Bushra ( his first wife) but at that time I was suffering from depression and used to ignore everything, later I got to know about his second marriage with Tuba”

she said that he came to the show and joked about it again and asked me to get married and even said that even Tuba has no issues with it

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