Home Health and Fitness First lady Samina Alvi introduced the Kangaroo Mother Care Center at PIMS

First lady Samina Alvi introduced the Kangaroo Mother Care Center at PIMS

First lady Samina Alvi emphasized to educate mothers about healthy pregnancy to avoid premature birth. The preterm birth of a baby is the primary cause of infant death with 600 newborn deaths per day.

With the support of UNICEF and WHO first lady Samina Alvi opened the Kangaroo Mother Center (KMC) at the PIMS hospital of Islamabad. KMC is the low-cost initiative, where premature babies, as an alternative to the incubator, are kept in long-term skin-to-skin touch with their mothers for natural heat that is necessary for saving lives.

The idea was devised in 1978 by health professionals in North America encouraged by mother kangaroos who carry infants in their open-to-world pouches, where growth from embryo to infant occurs.

The first lady has voiced her worry regarding the 250,000 deaths of an infant each year in Pakistan. She said it is necessary to set up kangaroo mother centers in every hospital of Pakistan to lower the death percentage of an infant children.

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