Disabled woman accused Ex Oxford, Professor of Sexual Harassment

A former professor at Oxford University has been accused of raping a woman who is disabled and suffering from a bone disease. The victim who is known by the alias Christelle and is amongst the woman who has claimed they have been sexually attacked by the Islamic scholar.

 In the year 2009 Tariq Ramadan was charged with the crime of sexually assaulting another handicapped woman and in 2012 attacked and abused a female activist.

Christelle has alleged the 56-year-old professor of trying to defame her and disgrace her in front of her family and friends in every way possible. She added that the man has written a book in which he has been mentioned and talked about approximately 85 tarnishing her image, crashing her birthday party just to prove himself innocent.

He even tried to dig up details of her private life in an attempt to damage and destroy her character. Recovering from depression Christelle said she even considered suicide because of the trauma she went through and every single time she tried to be brave and fight back she was ridiculed at the hands of that vicious man.

In his book, he has justified his crimes by blaming women calling them deceptive and manipulative and expressing that he does not feel any kind of remorse towards his victims.