Baby girl rescued before she could be buried alive in India
(Photo by Jennifer Polixenni Brankin/Getty Images)

Police officials in India stated that a baby girl was rescued by them while she was about to be buried alive.

The baby girl’s grandfather was confronted by the officials. The grandfather held the little girl in a blanket while another man was digging the grave for her. This incident took place in the southern city of Hyderabad.

India is notorious in the gender killing of baby girls. They think of them as a financial burden because of the education and the dowry to be paid when the girl will get married.

In this incident, the police were tipped by a taxi driver and made their suspicion, the two men including the little girl’s grandfather claimed that they thought the girl had died in the hospital, but the police saw the baby move under the blanket.

Both the men were then detained and later released while the baby girl is undergoing treatment in the hospital.

A police official stated that the suspects said “ they thought the baby had died and their family members told them not to bring the body of the baby home”

The officer further continued that “ we are happy that the baby girl is safe and rescued “

This case was made public after two weeks when another baby girl was rescued after 4 days from a clay pot by a man who was about to bury his own newborn daughter that had died. The incident made it to headlines because of the miracle survival of the girl.