Asma Abbas revealed in an interview that she tied the knot with a married man

Pakistan legendary actress Asma Abbas is known for her excellent performance in every project she worked in. Recently a video of her interview with Farah went viral on the internet in which she talked about her married life with a man who is already married.

She revealed in Ek Nayi Subah With Farah, a morning show of TV channel A plus that she tied the knot with a man who was already married for almost ten years. She said that her husband has no children with her first wife.

Asma said: “I was around 23-years-old when I met him. He knows his way around words. He’s very handsome, had colored eyes, an army officer. Everything a girl looks for in a man. I was attracted to him. I was obsessed with him. When I saw the uniform, I agreed as well. He was caring. He gave me a car when mine wasn’t working.”

She said that there is no misunderstanding and lack of love between her husband and his first wife. He respects and loves his first wife in the same way he does Asma. There is a positive environment in their house and they didn’t allow any type of negativity to harm their relationship.

Asma Abbas said that she and her husband’s first wife respect each other and there was no jealousy between them. They both bought the same dresses and jewelry for themselves. She said that she met her husband when she was a struggling actress. Her career was in the starting phase.

She revealed: “His first wife wasn’t in the country at that time when they both got married. She came to know about our marriage when she saw a picture of me and my husband in a magazine. She was hurt. You know how it is. That’s what happens in the beginning.”