Actress Iffat Omer stepped out in Favor of Meesha Shafi

After Saba Hameed, the Pakistani actress and Model Iffat Omer also stepped out and spoke in favor of Meesha Shafi. She went to court this Saturday and recorded her statement in favor of Meesha and told the court that she is a witness of all the pain Meesha felt before making her statement public.

According to Iffat, she met Meesha a few days before she made her statement about harassment public and found her very depressed. Upon asking what was bothering her, she did not tell anything. Referring to Saba Hameed and Meesha she said they both are very respected personalities of the industry and they would never lie about such a big matter.

“I am not supporting Meesha just because she is my friend ” told Iffat in her statement adding there are also many other victims of all this but some of them still have not spoken about it just because of the fear of shame and threats in our society because it is not easy for any women to come out and speak about the harassment in public.

On the other hand, Ali Zafar still has not submitted his reply in Rs 2billion Character assassination suit filed by Meesha against him. His lawyer appealed to the court that Zafar’s suit for character assassination should be decided first while the Meesha’s lawyer said it is just a delay tactic by Ali Zafar to delay judgment in this case.