Home Food A woman accidentally damages her car to get a chicken sandwich

A woman accidentally damages her car to get a chicken sandwich

In Los Angeles, a woman has heavily wrecked the side of her car at a famous fast-food drive-thru. On Tuesday this incident took place at Popeye’s drive-thru in the neighborhood of West Adams.

Two drive thru’s are maintained by the restaurant which later are merged into one before the order window is approached. Everything was fine until the woman drove her Mercedez Benz into the yellow barrier accidentally.

The whole scene was captured by this Instagrammer who even shared the video later and said this all happened over a chicken sandwich and later the lady in the car drove off and people threw stuff at her car and then she got her chicken sandwich.


it was told that many high school students were in the driveway when the driver kept damaging her car and scrapping it into the barrier, taunting began. The woman drove out but the crowd humiliated her by throwing stuff at her.

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