Home Entertainment A picture of the Actress Mira Sethi sparked hateful comments

A picture of the Actress Mira Sethi sparked hateful comments

A picture of Mira Sethi’s wedding invited a new controversary against her. Picture in which Mira was being kissed by her brother Ali Sethi caused an uproar on social media. Fake news about the two, Mira and Ali Sethi floating on the internet. Hateful tweets were being shared on twitter accusing Mira of indecent conduct.

Recently someone claiming to be the Minister of climate Zartaj Gul on Twitter shared a picture of Mira Sethi’s wedding and wrote: “This is Mr. Najam Sethi and this is the picture of his daughter’s wedding and the one who is giving a kiss is not her husband. Her husband is going ahead. Najam Sethi is the one who used to throw shit at Imran Khan day and night, now check his morals.”

Social media users criticize Climate minister for her tweet. One of the users said: “It’s her brother Ali Sethi. At least she didn’t get her sibling appointed illegally on an official position at the cost of taxpayers’ money like you did for your sister. Your incompetence as a minister speaks volumes about your IQ level equivalent to that of primates. @zartajgulwazir.”

Najam Sethi himself clarifies the misunderstanding of Netizens that he is Ali Sethi, brother of Mira Sethi. Najam Sethi criticized an account claiming to be the account of Climate Minister Zartaj Gull. He demanded from the Zartaj Gull to apologize for sharing the picture and for inappropriate comments.

This story took a new turn when Climate Minister Zartaj Gul herself clarifies by posting a screenshot of fake account and said that the account was fake and asked Najam Sethi to apologize for his wrong accusation.

She shared a tweet and wrote: “Check the level of investigative journalist @najamsethi responding to a FAKE account and asking me to apologize. He knows I blocked him last year after he tweeted nonsense. The man knows my genuine account. APOLOGIZE for your wrong accusation, Mr. Najam.”

Post which is shared by Fake account of Zartaj Gull is no longer on Twitter which proves that the account of fake.

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