A new twitter debate started over Reham Khan's political remarks

Reham khan shared her opinions regarding the continuing Azadi march that is led by JUI-F and is also supported by other political party’s PPP and PMLN.

Reham took to social media and tweeted ‘ After Maryam & Bilawal Maulana Sb has impressed ppl with his intelligent speeches. Ppl calling me saying you are right he is a very seasoned politician who speaks with logic & reason. Maulana has gained a lot of fans & clout overnight. A great service to JUIF vote bank”. It seems as if Reham is pretty much impressed with Maulana Fazal ur Rehman speeches at the Azadi march

But with Reham sharing her point of view has ignited another debate on twitter and netizens are trolling Reham to even think like that.

Another video of Reham is being uploaded and circulated on twitter while the twitter fandom trolls Reham and calls her toxic for manipulating Imran Khan’s name and de-reputing the country’s name. This video was enough to start a new twitter debate