Home Women Empowerment A 104-year-old woman shot her first deer after getting her hunting license

A 104-year-old woman shot her first deer after getting her hunting license

Florence teeters is a 104-year-old woman from the Wisconsin state. This week Florence got her first hunting license. She shot a deer on her very first time.

Last year Florence went with bill her son to a hunting blind. There both mother and the son watched the deer together but only Florence son bill could take the shot.

The mother of 5, Florence vowed to hunt last year and that is when she decided that she wanted to take a shot of her own and wanted her own buck.

So this week Florence teeter went to the hunting blind as a licensed hunter. Her son told that ” It was her idea to get the license and yes it was her first license.”

After waiting two hours of watching the pair spotted a deer at about 90 ft away from them. The son said, “I tapped her on the knee and pointed the deer”.

Florence nodded to her son and smiled and after that, she took the shot. It was a direct hit. I got a buck!, I got a buck! she shouted out of excitement after that.

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