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Zoya Nasir is going to appear in her upcoming drama soon

Zoya Nasir, daughter of a renowned scriptwriter Nasir Adeeb, raised up on the sets. She always had a craze and craving for acting but coming from an industrial background assisted her becoming proficient in her skills.

Zoya Nasir started her acting career recently this year from the drama Hania in which she worked together with Junaid Khan. Junaid Khan in that play painted the role of a cruel, fierce husband, and Hania (Zoya Nasir) was his pitiful wife. She had been appreciated for her work in her debut project.

Now, in her second project, she breaks the portrayal of scared, fearful women which she depicted in her first appearance on-screen. Zoya promises to show up with a completely different role in her next project, “Deewangi” going to on air on Geo Entertainment, in which the actress will be seen with co-actor Danish Taimoor.

About her role in her upcoming serial, she told that Narmeen is totally opposite to Hania. Narmeen has a quite expressive and insistent nature, as opposed to Hania who was a timid and compromising girl.

She described the drama as being a combo of love story and a common issue, directed by Zeeshan Ahmed. Extremism, pride, and divinity are some of the themes exhibited in the play.

Apart from Deewangi, she is also working in an upcoming cross-border project in the direction of Haseeb Hassan. Dhoop ki Dewar is a web series, casting Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly as main characters.

Zoya Nasir has also started working together with Asad Siddiqui in her third drama Zebaish. She didn’t disclose much about the dramas right now, yet she expressed that she was excited about her recent projects and expects that the public will also be mesmerized by her performances.

Zoya clarified that she is not planning to take such stereotypical roles deliberately. Talking about her role as Narmeen, she says that Narmeen also weeps, but just out of her tantrums. Moreover, she’d love to be seen in a comical role.

Since the actress has entered the industry, she says that she had been treated with gentleness and professionalism. Yet she admits that the profession has its pros and cons as well. The actress revealed that she wasn’t offered a film yet, and she is not going to overlook if she finds some amazing stuff in good direction. She revealed that she always wants to explore something new.

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