Women On Wheel program to be launched in Karachi

The WOW (Women On Wheel) program which was first introduced in Punjab by the government of Punjab in 2016, is now going to be launched in Karachi by the Salman Sufi in a private capacity. The opening session will be held on 25th of November 2019.

This Program was initiated with the intention of making Mobility for women easy. It was started with just 40 women but at the end of the session, more than 5000 women were trained all over Punjab. And in the past year, almost 700 women were given bikes under this program.

Salman Sufi introduced South Asia’s first protection center for women against violence in Punjab and now he is going to introduce WOW program in Karachi on his own self finances.

He said women are no longer safe in public places and they have to depend on a male and on this public transport system where they are harassed daily, to move or travel.

He also added that women have equal rights as men to be in these places.

He said we are introducing this program with the main intention of making women independent so they don’t have to rely on others in their daily life and so that they can freely move from place to another on their own.

Under this initiative, they will be given motorbike training and workshops which will prepare them for the driving license test and it will also benefit them to apply for jobs and it will be totally free of cost.