Women lie about being Pregnant to escape from luggage fees

Ms. Andrews, a journalist by profession, recently posted a video clip on her Insta account that created hype on Social Media. In that video, the woman formed a bump on her belly using some clothes and a laptop that wasn’t being fixed into her luggage.  She tried this hack to show herself as a pregnant woman so that she can avoid paying 60 Dollars for her additional equipment, during her flight. 

She told the media that she decided to try this hack because she found it the easiest and successful way of avoiding extra luggage dues. Although it wasn’t a creative thought taking advantage of this unique capability woman possess, could save her 60 dollars.

Besides that, she also admits that it was quite lazy and silly of her that she tried this on an air flight. Although she had been trying on several hacks during her travels like layering herself with double triple clothes, this pregnancy prank she used to do it quite often here and there, but it was the first time that she tried it as an air travel hack and used a laptop as well.

Unfortunately, the scheme did not go effective as the flight attendant sighted the laptop through her coat. She was asked whether she felt any shame in her act, she said No because she is a woman, it’s her body and she has a right to do anything with her body. According to the woman, even her False pregnancy wasn’t a big deal. It was nothing to be ashamed of.