Hundreds of leftists are headed to Washington DC to protest against Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s. The protest is against Justice Brett’s inadequate and lacking confirmation process. The protestors are protesting on the anniversary of the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh’s.

Groups are marching to protest so that they can make sure the congress knows that they are watching and they demand Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s being investigated.  

Women’s march, demand for justice, center for popular democracy and other groups are summoning women, survivors, and allies to unite and come forth in the protest. They are trending the hashtag #ReclaimTheCourt.

Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed as the justice in the supreme court last year despite concerns about his fitness to join the office. The court has been facing a crisis ever since.

People are protesting to impeach inquiries against justice Brett Kavanaugh. A thorough inspection of Brett is important now than it ever was. People are demanding answers that they must know if Brett lied to the senate or if he sexually assaulted the women who accused Kavanaugh of assaulting her. And they are also questioning if he is fit enough to be the justice of the supreme court.

Congress is the only hope for people now and the only entity that can investigate Kavanaugh now that the senate has disappointed people. People are now calling on house democrats to do the job which they think the senate failed to do so. The people say that no matter how much Kavanaugh thinks that he is entitled to this seat but the seat belongs to us.