Women are Stepping Up and Making a Mark in the Pizza Making Industry

 In an industry where the kitchen staff is male dominant women are stepping out of their comfort to fill in the shoes of making pizza with iconic traditional and non-traditional flavors.

Laura Meyers won the World Pizza Championship having secured herself 1st place on the podium in 2013 but it was surprising how the judges refused to accept her victory as she was the only contestant who was not given her trophy completely ignoring what she had accomplished.

Next year she entered another contest called the International Pizza Expo where she was awarded the best non-traditional pizza and just last month her simple pepperoni pizza saw her putting herself out there and being awarded for it at a pizza-making competition in Naples, Italy.

She believes that women have always had a role to play when it comes to delivering good quality pizza but many seem to think its man’s job just like many other jobs not being necessarily true.

She plans to change this way of thinking as many other women in the field have collaborated with Meyers are working to make Women in Pizza a movement that will bring more opportunities for women.

It was officially launched in the form of a website called www.womeninpizza.com and was introduced in September. It does have its own ups and downs, nothing is perfect yet but it will not be long till it is.