Woman was stabbed 15 times in neck and heart by her boyfriend

A 33-year old woman name June jones knifed by her boyfriend at home in Bromwich, West midlands. He stabbed her 15 times in neck and heart. Her boyfriend was identified as Michael Foran. He confessed that he choked her and then kill her with a knife.

Ms. Jones has three children. This incident happened last year on December 10. Michael killed Jones and then dumped her body in the bathtub. When her family tried to contact her he said that she was with her friends.

Ms. Jones was missing for three weeks. On the new year Eve’s last year when police searched the house of Michael, they recovered the body of jones.

Michael was in hiding and police start searching him. When Police saw the CCTV footage of the day of murder murderer was captured in-camera. He left the house with his accomplice. He escapes to Liverpool in his friend Keith O’Dwyer’s car.

Police detained Michael from Liverpool. When the police questioned him first he refused the charges but later he acknowledged the crime and ask for pardon. He got the sentence of 17-years in jail. His accomplice was jailed for 16 months.

After the sentencing, Jones’s family pay tribute to Jones and said that today justice has been done for our daughter.