Home Entertainment Ushna Shah caught up in controversy after her recent tweets

Ushna Shah caught up in controversy after her recent tweets

Ushna shah the Pakistani superstar caught herself into a twitter controversy after she tweeted last night about saying sexist and demeaning comments to a pizza delivery guy.

According to the tweet, the actor said to the pizza delivery guy near 2:30 am to be a man, he is not a four-year-old girl and try to be manly to convince him to bring the pizza inside her house as she was holding onto her barking dog.

She further continued that little did the pizza delivery guy knew only if he simply came in calmly and if she let the dog go, the dog would have simply sniffed him and gave him kisses.

The twitter fandom went crazy over it and asked Ushna to apologize to the employee, some even said that she should be embarrassed at what she did rather showing it off and taking pride in it.

The sudden outrage on twitter made suddenly made Ushna defend herself in another tweet in which she explained that everyone who is crying about my rant to the pizza guy while I was holding the dog and he wouldn’t come in. the first ten min went by me saying I promise the dog won’t say anything, I have him under control, please pass be brave but it didn’t work out


She further continued as soon as I challenged his masculinity my pizza was inside and said that this alone tells a lot more about our society.


But as the people won’t calm down, the actress then tweeted an extensive note to calm the storm that was caused due to her tweets.


she said “I’ve never been good at masking truths and pretending to be something I’m not,” she said adding that “I do not condone using the “be a man” card. It was something I was not proud of that I resorted to at a desperate time.”

Explaining the entire episode further, she said: “Once I said, “be a man” after many exasperated attempts to make him trust that I was strong enough to hold the dog. It worked. Yes, it’s sexist. A desperate measure I used at a desperate time. Instinctively and desperately I resorted to the approach knowing it would work on a Pakistani man.


she concluded her note with saying that she doesn’t use twitter much and for self-promotions at all, she will use it the way she wants it, her tweets will sometimes be sarcastic and sometimes be pretty, so if I say something that might offend you, you’re free to unfollow me but if you like me you’re welcome to follow me.

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