US diplomat’s wife involved in hit and run flees UK
(Photo credit should read MICHELE CATTANI/AFP/Getty Images)

American diplomat’s wife who was involved in a road crash becomes the prime suspect of police. She left for the US. Britain advised the US to reconsider it to allowing the prime suspect to stay in their country.

Dominic Rab Britain’s foreign secretary said that they discussed the case with US envoy in London Woody Johnson. He said that he got a report that the US allow the envoy’s wife who is the suspect to live in their country.

He said in a statement that he called the US representative and uttered UK’s dissatisfaction with their decision and asked them to reconsider it.

19-year old Harry Dunn died on August 27 after her bike hit a Volvo SUV Royal Air Force base in Northampton county used by US forces as a communications center.

Police confirmed that the 42- year old was the prime suspect of this case. Following the incident, the media said that she is the wife of Envoy.

Sarah Johnson Northampton shire Police Chief said that they had followed the legal procedure in this case. At first, she was cooperative, and she also tells us that she has no plan to leave the country. She said that they are working on the arrest permit and for formal discussion with the suspect. She said that they are trying their best to continue this investigation.

Dunn’s family had received a letter from ambassador Johnson which express a grievance. Family of late infuriated over the behavior of the suspect. Dunn’s father said that he can’t believe that she is living to herself.

The US embassy confirmed that the spouse of a diplomat who was involved in the accident left the country with her family. They further said that they are in contact with British officers in this case. Because of privacy concerns, they cannot approve the identity of the family, but they are sure that a family left for the US.