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Two Day National Conference on How Women Empowerment can help against Terrorism – Day 1

A two- day national conference on the “Pivotal role of Dukhtran-e-Pakistan in peacebuilding and harmonization of society” was held in Islamabad at the Faisal Mosque auditorium of International Islamic University, Islamabad.

Women’s empowerment is important to stop terrorism.  The main aim of the conference was to tell people that if we give meaningful roles to women then they can lead our society towards a better, wealthy and maintainable direction. The conference was organized by the female campus of IIUI and Iqbal institute of research and dialogue (IRD) with the collaboration of the council of Islamic ideology.

Day one of the conference

The opening session of the meeting was chaired by Ashifa Riyaz Fityana the Punjab minister for women’s development, she said that young women should come forward with a desire of spreading Islam’s messages. Furthermore, she disapproved of every sort of propaganda against Islam and criticized steps taken through islamophobia. Moreover, she added that women usually are the first teachers of children so they can play an important role in teaching the children that destruction is not everything and that we should value peace and harmony.

Dr. Qibla Ayaz the chairman of CII spread the light upon the concept of Islamophobia and terrorism, he also discussed and explained how Paigham e Pakistan will be able to conquest terrorism. Many examples of women from African countries were quoted by him. These women in Africa lead their countries towards peace and harmony he added and said that Pakistani women too can contribute in the best way because Pakistani women surely have better access to education and experience. Moreover, he told that Paigham e Pakistan has clearly identified that Islam has nothing to do with violence, terrorism, and extremism but he said that Islam is a religion that respects the difference in opinions.

The rector of IIUI Dr. Masoom Yasinzai on the stage said that women have the control to bring revolution to the destiny of the Muslim world. He added that currently 16,000 female students are enrolled in IIUI and that these female students will work Paigham e Pakistan messengers and they will spread Islam’s message of peace and harmony in every corner of the world. Furthermore, he advised the youth to take guidance from the Holy Quran and practically apply its teaching into their life. The IIUI rector praised the Prime Minister speech and UNGA and said that the Prime Minister represented each and every Muslim on the topic of Islamophobia.

The president of IIUI Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Drawieesh speaking on the conference said that Islam is and always has been a religion of peace and it has always discouraged extremism. He added that educational institutions and religious seminars play an important role in teaching the youth and to train them on how to encounter extremism in society.

Moreover, he elaborated on the role of women by taking examples from Islamic history and correlate them to tell that mothers have always been the best teachers as they can build the mind of children to fights terrorism in the future.

Vice president, female campus, IIUI Dr. Farkhnda Zia tell the audience about the aims and objective of the conference. She stressed upon women to play an active role in defeating violence and asked them to be contributors for building a harmonized society. Dr. Samia Raheel Qazi, diplomat also addressed the ceremony

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