Home World Two American females start their first-ever female spacewalk to repair ISS

Two American females start their first-ever female spacewalk to repair ISS

NASA achieve another milestone on Friday morning when 2 American females name Jessica Meir & Christina Koch performing the first-ever all-female spacewalk. In total 227 astronauts & cosmonauts have accomplished their mission of spacewalk. In these 227 only 14 were females and all those females have finished their spacewalk along with male partners.

Both females are in the same space pilot class and they call themselves “space sisters”. Flight engineers Christina & Jessica will be undertaking their first spacewalk in a historic 5-&-a-half-hour mission. Both ladies left the space station today to start their first-ever female walk. Their job is to change a power controller on the ISS.

The first American female spacewalker who finished her target 35 years ago was Kathy Sullivan on 25 July 1984. A few months later another lady space traveler named Kathryn Sullivan accomplished her target on 11 October.

NASA has been trying to deal with gender diversity within its space traveler ranks in recent years. They are now planning to send the first female to the moon by 2024.

The first all-women space traveler was originally prearranged to happen in March but was called off due to spacesuit accessibility on the ISS. Because of this postponement, NASA faced criticism that they are involved in gender disparity.

Mrs. Koch was already included in a plan to become the female spacewalker which started on 14 March this year. She has already finished three spacewalks. 40-year old Koch became an astronaut in 2013. She is a citizen of Michigan and she graduates from North Carolina State University with a master’s degree in electrical engineering.

On the other hand, Dr. Jessica Meir linked with Mrs. Koch on 25 September. This is the first mission of Dr. Jessica. They both were taught together because they are part of the same class. 42-year-old Ms. Meir got her master’s degree in space research & finished her doctorate in sea biology.

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