TikToker Hareem Shah revealed who permitted her in foreign office

Hareem shah recently faced criticism for her viral TikTok video which she recorded in the office of the foreign ministry. She disclosed who gave her permission to enter in the foreign office. She said that the high ranking government official allow her inside the office where she recorded a video and took many pictures.

Hareem shared a video on her twitter account and requested people to avoid making any assumption without knowing the truth.

Hareem said: “I am sorry if sitting in the Prime Minister’s chair has hurt my Pakistanis. My only purpose is to make a TikTok video.”

Shah said: “I was passing by the Foreign Office when I got to know that the foreign minister is there. I’m a huge fan of his and he is like a father to me. I wanted to meet him but unfortunately, he wasn’t there hence I took some pictures and made a video in the waiting area which went viral.”

She requests everyone to abstain from bad comments which make things difficult for her family.