The Iranian regime continues to suppress women

According to the reports, two women in the city of Isfahan and Khoy in Iran have been sentenced to death. These two women were told previously that the court decided to execute them.

One of the women Zahra Derakhshan, in the province of West Azerbaijan has been kept in Khoy jail in Urmia since 2016. She was given the death sentence last November but she objected to the court’s order but now her sentence has been finalized as the appeal process ended.

The other woman is named Fariba, she helped another prisoner escape and killed a police officer in the process that is why she was given the death sentence. The court’s order was objected by Fariba’s lawyer but the death sentence has been announced by Mohammad Reza Habibi who is the general director of the department of justice in Isfahan.

On 26th September two other women were executed in the prisons. One woman named Leila Zarafshan was hanged to death, while another anonymous woman was hanged to death in the Gohardasht prison on 25th September.

Since President Hassan Rouhani took charge in the office an estimated amount of a hundred women have been executed. However, it is feared that the figure of executed women could be much higher because of the lack of responsibility and also a long history of deception makes it into the list.

It seems that in the past few months almost 8 women have been executed and the amount has increased as compared to that of previous years. The crackdown on women in Iran is increasing as there are more and more incidents where women are being executed and arrested.

Under the current government in Iran, women are facing a lot of discrimination when it comes to marriage laws, education and the workplace they are not treated as equals to men.

A resolution was approved last November by the united nations general assembly human rights committee that all legal discriminations against women should be removed even though it was implemented but for women, nothing changed for real in Iran.

In Iran women are forced to wear hijab out of their will, recently many Iranian protested against this law but the police have been strictly abiding by the rules of this law due to which many arrests took place.

The Iranian government has been suppressing its own people a lot and it may cause the country t collapse at this rate. A major uproar was caused when a football fan named Sahar Khodiayari set herself to fire and died after she heard that she will be jailed if she attempted to attend any football match.