The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shows concern about melting glaciers in Pakistan

When the late Princess Diana came to Pakistan, she visited the mountainous stretches of Pakistan. Now Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton while trailing in the footsteps of Diana made their tour to Chitral on Monday.

The Chitrali people following their customs, presented to the couple, the typical customary hats of the area along with a collection of photographs from the late Diana’s visit to the same place.

The royal couple is eager to view the consequences of climatic variations in the region. During their trip to northern areas, they strolled along the melting glaciers of the Hindu Kush near the Afghan border, and Kate wore a very similar dress as Diana wore on her trip to the same region in 1991.

They were told how global warming is endangering the lives of people. They flew to the place (Broghil Valley National Park) by Helicopter to see the climatic alterations in one of the most glaciated zones of the globe. They also had a conversation with certain ecological specialists to discuss the approaching calamity.

After that, they spent their day with the Kalashi people and even witnessed their traditional dance.

The royal couple had lunch with Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday. Kensington Palace has regarded this 5-day trip of royalties to Pakistan as some “Complex” tour.

Earlier, the couple went to a school in Islamabad, emphasizing the significance of education for the women. And there they got to know that the students were a huge fan of the prince’s late mother Diana. Late Princess Diana had made three tours to Pakistan during her work for charity.

The clashes between India and Pakistan over the disputed area of Kashmir have heightened the security concerns in Pakistan, and the authorities have arranged more than a thousand security officers to insure the safety of the grand visitors.